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A Show for One and a Show for All


July 12, 2023    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


New Matamoras Branch Library
100 Merchant Street, New Matamoras, OH, 45767

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The Professor Show is here in Washington County with this year’s program “A Show for One and A Show For All”. This year we’re bringing juggling, magic, comedy, and a lot of fun to your local library branches. This is a show that’s genuinely for all ages, so bring your younger siblings and your eldest relative! Professor Tony has been performing since he was just 16 years old and learned to juggle after seeing a performance at his local library in Dayton, Ohio.

This family event is open to all ages. This event is being held at the New Matamoras Branch Library located at 100 Merchant St, Matamoras, OH 45767. Registration is required for the New Matamoras Branch show. To register stop by the New Matamoras Branch or call 740-865-3386.