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Saddle Up

There are many great ways to experience the abundant forests in  around Washington County. Hiking, biking and all-terrain vehicles are just a few. For a truly unique experience, trail riding on horseback cannot be topped.  The are offers ways for both novices and equestrians to bond with animals and nature at the same time.

The Wayne National Forest, which covers wide portions of the entire southeastern Ohio Region, offers nearly 80 miles of horse trails, available available from April to December every year. The trails also offer locations for camping so riders can take as much time as they like. The trail head for the Kinderhook Trail is located closest to Marietta and offers 12 miles of riding. Other Wayne National Forest horse trails can be found near Athens and Ironton. Permits are required for horses and riders, and can be bought for either one or three days for $12 and $24, respectively.

Those who plan on using the trails repeatedly can purchase a season pass for $45, which are good for all trails all season. Since Wayne National does not offer horses for rent or stables to use, they do provide ample parking for horse trailers.

Those without their own horses also have another option at M & D Horses, located in Graysville. They have a number of horses available for there different trail rides, ranging in cost from $15 to $30.  Through fields and forest, across creeks and bridges and over hills– riders are encouraged to bring cameras to catch snapshots of the wonderful scenery. If you have never ridden but are interested in trying it, M & D provides beginner lessons  before heading out on the trails. If you are interested in even longer horse treks, contact them for options. Food and drinks are sold at their concession stand. Reservations are not required but strongly recommend.