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Marietta Musts: A Recap

This town has so much to offer that my honest advice to any one is simple: Park your car on Front Street and just walk. Here’s my list of things you should check out while you’re there.

Front Street

Starting on Front Street you will find an array adorable shops to check out. From clothing to decor, this is the perfect place to start your exploration.

Simple Pleasures is a store for all nesters and decor lovers. A curated boutique with everything you could possibly think of to make your home Apartment Therapy worthy of cuteness, you won’t be disappointed you stopped by. This is store and the adorable recipe box I found is what prompted a whole Family Recipe Project. (Confession, I’m totally still working on it).


justAjar is a one of a kind place that if you have the chance to visit, you should, even though the actual store front is only open by appointment or Friday’s. Being inside the storefront you get a glimpse at how turn of the century technology is being used with a modern twist to advertise everything from Festivals to Concerts, and BBQ Contests to brewery collaborations. Anyone looking for a unique piece of art will be happy to see the array of prints ready to be thumbed through and taken home.


Twisted Sisters Boutique is another Front Street must. The two sisters that own and operate the shop are almost worth a visit on their own. They are friendly and energetic with a wide variety of jewelry and home decor items perfect for any gifting occasion.

Dad’s Primitive Workbench is my absolute FAVORITE store in all of Marietta. Charlie, the owner, has done a great job of creating an environment of simplicity and primitive decor reminiscent of yesteryear. With candles, antiques, and a new ladies apparel section with original designs by Charlie himself. This charming shop is full of reasonably priced pieces where every primitive, country decor lover is sure to find something that makes their heart swoon.


Historic Harmar Village

This area of town is right across the river from Front Street and is connect via an old rail road bridge that has since been converted for pedestrian traffic. Harmar Village  began as the first military installation in the Northwest Territory in 1785, where it was settled as part of Marietta. Having seceded from the city and rejoining, it is full of antique shops, restaurants, and old brick roads.

When crossing the bridge from Front Street over the Harmar Village you will be able to shop and eat at some of the the coolest places in town. With Antique shops that will help everyone score a great vintage find and restaurants like Spagna’s and the Harmer Tavern you can easily spend a few hours in this historic part of town without even realizing it!


Marietta College

While we admit there isn’t a whole lot to do on campus is you aren’t a student, it is still worth the walk around for those looking to nerd out on history and see gorgeous brick buildings. And because of its central location to everything in town, if you are doing a self guided walking tour around town its not too difficult to add this one in as a location to see.

If you haven’t gathered by now, this town is full of things to do be it on a random weekend trip or a planned vacation there always seems to be something to do or see in town. We’ve been up 3 separate times, each staying for a week, and we still have things on our list we want to do. If you’re planning a trip or happen to be in the area make sure you check out Marietta’s tourism website for up to date event information and happenings around town. Check out the events going on in town below, who knows? You might even run into the Circa Wanderlust team!

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