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Front Street Farmers Market

Have you heard of the weekly Farmers Market on Front Street that’s located right on the Armory lawn? Well if you haven’t, read all about it here and hopefully you’ll be able to head over to see what the talk is all about.

Every Tuesday, starting on May 16 and ending on August 29, dozens of vendors pitch up their tents and showcase their best goods and crafts to locals and visitors wanting to view the merchandise. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. you can head over to Armory lawn to browse handmade goods and homegrown produce. If you work in Marietta, the market offers fresh lunch options for you to indulge in during your lunch break. Not only will you receive quality goods, but you can also support small businesses, build relationships with growers and makers, and promote nutritional food choices through education. Sometimes it’s very convenient to hurry over to a main chain grocery store to pick up your goods, but stray from the conventional and open a spot up in your busy Tuesday schedule to check out the local Farmers Market.

Like I mentioned, there are a ton of vendors and their goods range from flowers to fruits to meats and even to bath and body products. At the end of this article, I will list the 2017 vendors that you can expect at the market; let’s just say, you won’t be disappointed with the businesses attending. When I head over to the Farmers Market, not only am I impressed with the succulent fruits I always have to buy, but I love connecting with the vendors and learning their stories about the business they showcase to the community. Even though some of these vendors are very small businesses, they bring a sense of diversity to Marietta and offer options for you to directly promote the town you live in. I would much rather spend my money on goods made right here in Marietta than spend my money on large corporate businesses that already have a huge foothold in the American business world. Supporting local vendors will help their businesses thrive and support economy right here in Marietta.
Usually over 300 visitors flock to the Farmers Market every Tuesday. Some goods are freshly baked the day of so no need to worry about buying something that has been on the shelf for a week or two. I always love venturing through the different tents to see the tasty treats offered that week; sometimes I buy too many cookies than I should, but they are too tasty. Try something new and enjoy a small festivity for the week as you head over to the Farmers Market. Stock up on products to use for your weekly dinner, satisfy your never ending sweet tooth, seek out homemade goods for yourself or perhaps a present for a loved one, or grab a tasty sandwich and picnic right on the lawn during a sunny day right here in Marietta, Ohio.

Visit the Farmers Market on Front Street’s Facebook page to stay updated with the latest information.

2017 Vendors: Fagan’s Farm LLC, Hare and A Feather Farm, Jiva Bath & Body, Not Just Soap Company, Petalhills Flower Farm, R&K Wagner Farms, RG’s Coin Rings and Things, Shews’ Grass Fed Beef, Slice of Life, Smokin Pigs Ash BBQ LLC, Stacy Family Farm, The Betsey Mills Club, WASCO Inc, Washington County Harvest of Hope, Washington County Health Dept.

Written by Madison Sury