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Night at the Museum


November 19, 2022    
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


The Castle
418 Fourth Street, Marietta, Ohio

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Immerse the family in local history! This is your chance to interact with a new cast of famous and lesser known historical figures with local connections. You’ll have the opportunity to hear a variety of historical accounts and ask questions. Walk away with new perspectives, ideas for further study, and a deeper understanding of the people and events that influence our present. Register today before tickets sell out!

Among this year’s exciting Night at the Museum characters will be a couple who fondly remember their wedding day in The Castle’s parlor in 1906, a Revolutionary War officer and the man responsible for building Fort Harmar, a late 1930s nature lover with big plans to educate others about her passion, a little known local abolitionist turned politician, and more. Our characters are excited to share their stories with you!

$10 Adults; $7 Kids (age 13 and under); Ages 5 and under free