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10 Reasons to visit downtown Marietta

10 Reasons to Visit Downtown Marietta

It only takes one visit to Marietta, Ohio to absolutely fall in love. From our past to the present and looking forward to our future, the passion of Marietta’s community can be felt wherever you walk. Downtown Marietta is truly the heart of our town, and although you don’t need a reason to visit what we know will be your new favorite place, we’ve decided to give you ten anyway!

1.       It All Started Here
Marietta is Ohio’s First Adventure. Located at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers, Marietta has served as the threshold to western expansion. Established in 1788 as the first permanent settlement of the Northwest Territory, Marietta has retained its history with a large historic downtown and many Victorian era homes. As one of the oldest and most intact historic districts in southern Ohio, Marietta boasts a healthy mix of cultural sites. Museums, walking tours, and a number of historic sites make the Marietta area a great place to visit for anyone looking for a weekend immersed in the past!

2.       Adventure is Our Middle Name
National Geographic Adventure has ranked Marietta #1 in outdoor recreation in the state of Ohio and a Top 100 Adventure Town in the U.S.. Marietta is central to six different trail systems with over 200 miles of trail in a 45-minute radius of our downtown. We are home to the North Bend Rail Trail that offers an additional 70+ miles for recreational bike riders and over 30 miles of track for mountain biking. That, paired with our location on the confluence of two rivers and adjacent to Ohio’s only national forest, allows the outdoor adventurer full access to biking, hiking, kayaking, and more all within a few miles of our commercial district.

3.       We Love to Eat
Downtown Marietta is home to over 22 eateries and restaurants, ranging from Mediterranean to Indian to Mexican to Asian Fusion and more. Marietta’s craft brewery serves as an anchor for craft beer lovers while pizza lovers have their fair share of choices with a wide-variety of restaurants to choose from. Whether it’s casual dining or fine dining, indoor seating or outdoor seating, a date night or a business lunch, downtown Marietta’s hot spots for dining local are guaranteed to satisfy.

4.       Shop ‘Til You Drop
There is no shortage of downtown shopping – you can pick up your next pair of leather boots at the oldest family owned business in Ohio, a one of a kind outfit from a number of women’s fashion retailers, or any kitchen gadget your heart desires from a downtown shop focused solely on being any cook’s best friend. From antiques to primitive décor and modern home goods to kayaks and cookware and unique gifts, you can find it all in Downtown Marietta.

5.       We Go Way Back
The cultural sites in Marietta date back to before the pioneers landed on the banks of the Muskingum. The Hopewell and Adena cultures living in this area constructed earthwork and mound structures which have been preserved to this day. Most iconic is “Conus,” a conical burial mound, located in Mound Cemetery. If you’re visiting sites like Serpent Mound or the Newark Earthworks, you won’t want to miss Marietta’s diverse mound structures.

6.       We Have A Heart for Art
Marietta is not only home to adventurers and shoppers alike, but our arts community is strong and growing. With a handful of art galleries, full-time working studios, and photography spaces, creativity is on display in our commercial district. The passion of Marietta’s artist community continues to come to life through downtown’s public art program, including art murals, sculptures, and more.

7.       Fest With the Best
Marietta’s annual festivals bring thousands into downtown every year. Festivals like our Ohio River Sternwheel Festival, our Sweetcorn Festival, the Riverfront Roar, and our Rivers, Trails, & Ales Festival put our best assets on display. These signature events keep tourists coming back year after year, and locals plan family visits to Marietta during these weekends to show off just how great their hometown is.

8.       Downtown Stays Up Late
Downtown Marietta claims two historic theatres, a music hall, and a diversity of nightlife that includes acoustic open mic nights, live rock music, a dance club, and a unique opportunity to party in bubbles and foam.

9.     We Focus On Wellness
Managing the health of a community often times starts with the health of an individual, and downtown Marietta is chock full of opportunity to focus on mind, body, and soul. Not only can you adore ornate architecture on a handful of historic churches in downtown, but walkable access to healthy foods, smoothies, and supplements are within mere blocks. Plus, two yoga studios, a spa, and a number of medical facilities representing an array of specialties can all be found in our commercial district.

10.   Your New Best Friend is Here
Sure, every town has the best people, but it couldn’t be more true than in Marietta. Around every corner is a friendly face ready to lend a hand. In fact, studies show that if you visit Marietta once, the likelihood of you adding us to your calendar again is 71%. Chalk it up to customer service in our commercial district being top notch and the feeling that comes from experiencing a community that cares.

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