The concept of The Cornerstone Inn is the design from a Divine Inspiration to recreate the tradition
of The Table… Where you will be Welcomed with a Smile, Served with Joy, and Fed with Blessed Food…
all with Love from A Mother’s Heart.

NO TIPPING at Mother’s table, but contributions are thankfully accepted to help fulfill the basic needs for our world’s poorest of the poor, as well as national disaster funds. The contributions have gone to World Vision, Cross International, Mary’s Meals, and Samaritan’s Purse…these missions have websites if you’d like to check out where we have chosen to send your contributions. The Cornerstone Inn has also adopted children with these funds, through World Vision’s childcare ministries.

“Mother” cares for the local needs too – those in need may receive free food, quietly, without questions, by approaching the kitchen door at the rear of the building.

Laundry We do daily laundry at The Cornerstone. Our bathrooms are
equipped, just like home, with individual towels versus wasteful
paper. Soooooo, “Mother” has daily laundry!
Used dishes and serving pieces were and still are donated by customers.
Dining Room Our tables are solid wood and locally made, purchased by local
residents, and then donated to The Cornerstone Inn.
Take a look at the tables. They have a small brass,
engraved plate, with a dedication to the appointed loved one
or family, which the donor wished to memorialize.
Music Music is always playing at The Cornerstone Inn – whether nice
background music that doesn’t interrupt your important conversation,
or live music on a Saturday night, or impromptu music
– when someone feels like playing the piano. Thursday night
is Mother’s designated Talent Night, where the floor is open for anyone
to share their talent. There are speakers, microphones, and small
soundboard for you to come and simply “plug in”.
Choose to order your meal served family-style in bowls and platters to be passed around the table – for gatherings of four or more.

Our homey and loving environment will help you teach your children and grandchildren to eat as a family what is served on the table. We suggest a child at your table be asked to serve – to come to our kitchen counter, help lay the table, serve drinks, to clear away plates. Many children today are not taught the role of humility to serve others cheerfully and willingly. You may be surprised how children love the opportunity to play a special role in this diminishing tradition.

We believe in grace before meals: “the family that prays together stays together.” Don’t be embarrassed to pray before your meal here!