Date(s) - 4/30/19
12:00 am

Marietta College, Thomas Hall Room 103


Born in 1808, Frances Dana Barker Gage would begin her extraordinary life leading the charge for equal rights for women.

At the young age of 10 her father recognized her strength but admonished her for helping a cooper make a barrel. He said, “What a pity she was not a boy!” Frances later expressed her opinion on the matter: “Then and there sprang up my hatred to the limitations of sex…I was outspoken forever afterward.”

An abolitionist fighting against slavery, a suffragette fighting for the right to vote, Fanny passionately pursued her dreams for equality her entire life.

On April 30 at 7 pm, we welcome you to hear the life story of Frances Dana Barker Gage at Thomas Hall Rm 103, Marietta College.

Tuesday, February 19, 7pm
Marietta College Thomas Hall, Room 103
$5 donation requested