Date(s) - 10/18/21
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Barlow Branch Library


The Spirits Speak is a 60-minute demonstration and explanation of deception in spiritualism from the early 1900s. Jim tells stories of spirit mediums who charged people exorbitant fees to talk to the dead, all the while using trickery and secret assistants. The Spirits Speak is a presentation adults will love. Jim brings a collection of antique and unusual artifacts and will demonstrate how turn-of-the-century mediums tried to initiate contact with spirits. You will see and learn about Spirit Trumpets, Voiceless Dolls, Ectoplasm, Message Frames, and various spiritualist powers.

The Spirits Speak, on Monday, October 18th 6:30pm at the Barlow Library. He will speak on the rise and fall of spiritualism; the myths, hoaxes, and the people and procedures. Artifacts will also be displayed. Registration required.