Date(s) - 2/29/20
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Riverside Artists Gallery


Bonnie Proudfoot artist/instructor and the cost is $50, all supplies included.

This class is for complete beginners or for those who have already taken basic flamework, but want to enhance their skills. The course will cover using and selecting tools, materials, and safety practices. Students will learn how to set up a torch, how to melt glass rods into beads, and how to decorate the beads using various techniques.  After this class, you will have the skills and knowledge to continue your flameworking independently.

Participants will complete as many beads as they are able to create.  All materials are included.

Note: Melting glass requires high temperatures, and students will be required to wear protective glasses (these are lightweight, easy to see through, and remove the intensity of the flare from the flame). Long pants and closed shoes are suggested.