Date(s) - 2/23/19 through 2/24/19
8:00 pm - 1:00 am

Peoples Bank Theatre


The largest theatre in Marietta, the Peoples Bank Theatre (once known as both the Hippodrome and the Colony) was built in 1918. A stunning vaudeville theatre, this newly renovated master piece is hauntingly beautiful. Its shadowed corridors, endless nooks and crannies bring to life a world of drama, high energy and anticipation.

Notoriously haunted, Peoples Bank Theatre shares a familiar spirit with the Mid Ohio Valley Theatre across the street. Once upon a time, both theatres were managed by a man named Mr. Shea. He is still seen wandering the theatre, as recently as the Oklahoma production in July of 2016. He was seen by multiple cast members, leaning against the wall watching rehearsals, or sitting in the chairs.

In the basement, legend has it that a murder took place after a quarrel over a chorus girl, and the victim still roams the dressing rooms looking for his lost love.


7:45pm: Check-in and sign waiver

8pm-9pm: Ghost tour of the building

9pm-1am: Roam the theatre on your own, or join one of our investigators!

1am: End of investigation

$40 per person, ages 18+, space is limited

We will have equipment available to use, or bring your own!