Date(s) - 10/10/20
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Campus Martius & Ohio River Museum


Cost: Regular Museum Admission
“It’s all about Ohio”
October is Archaeology Month in Ohio and we plan to celebrate! Not only will we be exploring archaeology, but we will also be looking at different aspects of geology and changes to the earth due to erosion, sedimentation, and deposition. This program is great for any student or adult interested in Archaeology!
You can participate in the following activities:
1. Rocks and Minerals, mined and quarried in Ohio & their uses
2. Examine geologic maps of Ohio
3. Simulated dig!!!!
4. Interpret artifacts to identify their uses
5. Examine fossils (including dinosaur bones) and learn what
processes occur for an organism to become a fossil
6. Examine a multi-tier timeline reflecting what occurred worldwide &
in Ohio from 12,000 BCE to present-day
Join us for an exciting day of Archaeology at Campus Martius Museum.
Inquiries? Contact Glenna Hoff at 740-373-3750.