Date(s) - 8/4/17
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Campus Martius Museum


Guest Speaker: Debbie Tuggle Pendley

Debbie wrote the theme music for TV and radio promotion of Always A River / The Ohio River and the American Experience. She also wrote theme songs for both the Ohio River Sweep and the Kentucky River Sweep, which were used to promote volunteer participation and raise river awareness and clean water awareness.

She was a featured regional entertainer on the River Explorer out of New Orleans, Louisiana for a decade, performing her original river music and stories celebrating wonderful natural and historic places along the Ohio River.

Her river music works include:

“Riverside” (Celebrating the Farnsley Moreman Landing by the Ohio at Louisville)

“River of Mine” (Ohio River Sweep Theme)

“Kentucky River Please Remember Me” (Kentucky River Sweep Theme)

“Always A River” (Foating exhibit celebrating the past, present and future of the Ohio River)

“Barging on the O-Hi-O” (written aboard the River Explorer, her theme song)

“The Towboat Song” (for the W.P.Snyder)

“La Belle Riviere” (a River Anthem)

Her river song catalog also features songs of Kentucky tributaries and rivers as well as the Cumberland River out of Nashville where it meets the Ohio in Paducah, Kentucky all the way back to it’s beginning at Bad Branch Falls, at Oven Fork, Kentucky. She worked in Kentucky schools for 25 years as an artist/educator, doing arts and education through music in songwriting residencies with a focus on clean water, waterways and natural and historic places.