Date(s) - 11/8/21
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theatre


Auditions for The Heiress will take place on November 7 and 8, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Set in New York City in the 1850s, The Heiress follows Catherine, a plain-looking but exceedingly wealthy woman who lives with her father, Dr. Austin Sloper, in Washington Square. Despite having a staff of maids and chefs and the best clothing money can buy, Catherine is awkward, shy and “unmarriageable.” When she falls in love with Morris Townsend, a charming but penniless suitor, Dr. Sloper is immediately suspicious the man is after Catherine’s inheritance. In an attempt to end the relationship, Dr. Sloper vows he will write Catherine out of her will if she marries Morris. When Dr. Sloper becomes ill, Catherine is forced to make the painfully difficult choice between her father and the man she hopes to marry.

Catherine Sloper (28-40) a gawky, socially inadequate woman of intelligence and warmth but huge insecurity
Morris Townsend (30-40) a penniless, charming and romantic gentleman, who has lived abroad and whose motives are in question throughout the play
Dr. Austin Sloper (60-70) Catherine’s father, a successful but emotionally cold doctor who has never truly embraced his daughter for who she is. He lives with the memory of her beautiful dead mother as a comparison.
Lavinia Penniman (50-70) Austin’s sister and Catherine’s aunt Lavinia is a foolish, but sweet woman torn between her devotion to her brother and her romantic idealism.
Maria—(20-50) the Sloper housekeeper
Mrs. Montgomery—(30-50) Morris’ sister, a poor widow with children, who defends her brother and his intentions to Dr. Sloper.
Marian Almond—(20-30) Catherine’s cousin, pretty and vivacious
Elizabeth Almond—(50-60) Marian’s mother and Dr. Sloper’s sister, a handsome wealthy woman of New York society.
Arthur Townsend—(20-30) Marian’s fiancée and Morris’ cousin; a young man of wealth and status.

Show dates are March 4, 5, 11, 12, and 13, 2022.

Directed by Jena Lane Blair