Date(s) - 3/7/20
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Campus Martius Museum


Cost: $5

The American Revolution was the most important event in our nation’s history. What began as a protest movement against relatively minor taxes in the 1760s became, by 1776, a movement for independence. By the time the new century arrived, the Revolution had spawned a federal system of government and a bill of rights that remain at the heart of the American system today. The chaotic nature of the present day behooves all citizens to be familiar with those ideas that drove the Founders to establish our republic and set out on the greatest experiment in self-government in history.

Join us for a series of six lectures on the American founding period presented by Veritas Academy Co-Founder and history instructor, Kevin Ritter. This series will be held at Campus Martius Museum beginning March 7 and ending April 5, just before Marietta’s birthday on April 7!


Lecture 1 – March 7 (Sat): British America, the Colonial Experience

Lecture 2 – March 8 (Sun): French & Indian War, Declaration of Independence

Lecture 3 – March 21 (Sat): The Declaration as Literary Document, Revolutionary War

Lecture 4 – March 22 (Sun): Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention

Lecture 5 – April 4 (Sat): Federalist Era (Washington, Adams & the New Government)

Lecture 6 – April 5 (Sun): The Re-founding of America (Jeffersonian Revolution)