Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge

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The Mid Ohio Valley is home to an abundance of wildlife and bird watching opportunities-and spectators are always in season!

The Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge facility near Williamstown, West Virginia consists of 3,300 acres-22 islands and three mainland tracks-scattered along 400 miles of beautiful river.

A nature trail offers an amazing view of wildlife and wetlands habitats on Middle Island. You’ll find deer, rabbit, fox and groundhogs as well as great blue herons, belted kingfishers, ... Read More

Mysterious Beginnings

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Long before Marietta was settled by pioneers and patriots, a series of earthworks, walls, roads, and mounds were constructed by ancient hands- no one knows exactly when.

Some historians believe the mounds were built by the Hopewell culture during 100 to 500 A.D. for use as a ceremonial center. Others say the earthworks were constructed by the Adenas from 800 to 700 B.C. as part of a mound builder city.

In keeping with the pledge of Marietta’s ... Read More

Riverboat History

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Take a ride on a riverboat, hear the paddle of the wheel on the water, feel the mist of the river…

They called her “The Lady of the Rivers” Marietta’s founding fathers believed that this location at the confluence of two rivers was the perfect place to build their new city. Not only was the wild country beautiful, but the rivers provided crucial opportunities for transportation and commerce.

Boat building was an industry of importance to early ... Read More